2. English is becoming the most prominent language in the world. Is this a positive or negative development?

It is a fact that English is in an outstanding position in the world as it is used globally nowadays.
has caused people to think about whether it is beneficial to have an exclusive
development is positive thanks to the benefits which have been brought to human life. It is clear that to communicate in one global
would bring about many advantages for the whole society from each individual to the government. One evident strength of each person is that it would reduce the
barrier, thereby encouraging people's confidence in interacting with others from different areas of the world. Many people, especially the elderly, may no longer be afraid of foreign languages and can freely travel everywhere.
In addition
, governments can easily enhance diplomatic activities and discussions with better understanding.
would lead to numerous subsequent outcomes,
as saving national budget from reducing enormous translation and interpretation costs of international meetings and conferences.
development will lead to benefits in various areas, especially economics, education and culture.
, English as a global
would help to strengthen trade facilitation among nations, thereby developing healthier economies.
, when the flow of information is no longer deterred by different languages, cross-border information exchanges would happen more frequently and knowledge would be delivered more accurately without problems in translation.
but not least, cultural and religious discrimination would be reduced to some extent, if all people in the world communicated in the same
. In conclusion, globalization in terms of
would show the effects on the positive side. Individuals and governments will be beneficial through better cross-national communications.
, there are many plus points in economics, education and culture terms.
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