Many people believe that we should protect all wild animals while others believe we should just protect some of them. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Nowadays, many species of animals are getting extinct. It is widely held believe that we must preserve all organisms, but there is a strong counterargument that we should save only a few of them. In my perspective, all the animals should be saved.
essay will discuss both points of view and argue in the favour of
first idea
the first idea
. On one hand, it is believed that all the species of animals should be protected.
mainly because it helps to maintain a healthy balance in the
For instance
, some animals can be
to others. If one variety of the animals will be vanished, there will be no
for the other animals which depends on them for feeding.
, all the animals play a necessary role in the
, they all should be saved.
On the other hand
, some people think that only some of the chosen wild organisms should be preserved. One of the main reasons why
view is held because some species of the animals are getting extinct.
For example
, only a few white tigers left in the world and their population is decreasing day by day.
, it is very important to save some of the animals on priority basis, as they are at high risk. In conclusion, some people support the notion that all the animals should be saved while others think that only a few of them should be protected. In my opinion, we should protect all the animals without distinction because all of them play a vital part in the
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • biodiversity
  • ecosystem
  • conservation status
  • ecological significance
  • holistic approach
  • endangered species
  • natural heritage
  • unforeseen negative impacts
  • economically non-viable
  • prioritization
  • ecosystem balance
  • conservation efforts
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