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People have different beliefs on the protection of wild animals. Some people think that, we should protect only selected wild lives, such as species that are vulnerable to non-existence, while others believe that we shou
in this cutting edge era, a significant chunk of society thought that every wid animal ought to be secured. however some of them think that just few animals shoud be protected. different people have distinct views. in my
In this fast changing world, the number of wild animals is decreasing. This is because of natural disasters or the main reason is hunting by humans. Some people believe that protecting all wild animals is necessary and
Some individuals have suggested that wildlife conservation programs should only be targeted selectively to the endangered species rather than concentrating on protecting all wildlife, while others have argued that all wi
Nowadays humankind thinks we should take care of all wild animals while others could argue that we should protect some kinds. In this essay I will demonstrate 2 main ideas that oppose each other, as well as, I will ment
It is argued that caring out all types of wild species are extremely essential by some sort of community, while others think protecting only some of them are more important. This essay will discuss both given views and g
Nowadays, due to the anthropogenic, the number of wildlife has been substantially decreased over the periods. Therefore, the policy and measures to preserve them from danger need to be implemented. However, it is debatab
In this modern era,animals have been playing indispensable role in human's life ,which can stablize the ecosystem . Some people say that all individuals should protect all wild animals however other says that we should p
The degradation of the biosphere, which has pushed several species to the brink of extinction, has become a major concern for the international community. Nevertheless, there remains a heated debate of whether the protec
For people who are, purely, concerned it is simple to surf the networks and discover documents comprising articles debating protecting animals. The first viewpoint means that
Whether to protect animals in the wild or not is divided people into two. While there are some supporters who advocate that the entire creatures required to be saved, the opponents consider only certain species are rescu
The majority of people believe that we should protect all wild beasts but others believe we should protect some of them which are contained in the Red Book. Wild animals are playing a significant role in the ecological s
Majority of people believe that we should protect all wild animals but others believe we should protect some of them which are contained in the Red Book. Wild animals are playing a significant role in the ecological syst
It is argued by some that all wild animals should be given protection in order to make sure that not even a single animal will disapear. However, in my opinion, people should choose which animals to protect, due to the f
It is often argued that humans should put efforts to save all wild animals, while others are of the opinion that only selected animals should be protected. This essay agrees that every wild animal needs to be saved and i
Animals are an important part of the ecological system. Research suggests that we need to conserve endangered animals in order to maintain the balance in the nature. While some people argue that we only need to conserve
There has been an ambivalent perception, wild animals are kept in zoos globally. In this modernized era, zoos are a tourist attraction in many nations and wild animals have become famous tourist attractions as well. Acc
Although protection of all species of animals is considered to be obvious by some, others reckon that people ought to care only of particular types of animals. In my opinion, humans should take care of such a number anim
People have contrasting views, whether we should shelter all the creatures of the forest or should accommodate some of them. In my opinion, we should preserve only which are in a dangerous situation; however, both views
There is no doubt that a large number of creatures are critically endangered. While animal activists think that every living thing should be protected before they have vanished from the earth, others consider only harmle
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