In many countries, traditions and customs are disappearing. What are the reasons? What should schools and parents do to keeping our traditions alive?

Around the globe, traditions and customs are the golden symbol of cultural wealth and proud for any country. Unfortunately, nowadays, due to globalization, these traditions and customs are cutting on the edge.
essay will discuss several causes of disappearing
heritage and a possible solution to tackle
To begin
with, the
and foremost reason is that the development of modern technology.
In other words
, most teenagers spend their time using the internet as well as electronic devices. They become addicted to social sites.
For example
, in a recent study, it has been found that thirty percent of adults are using the internet as playing games and using for online shopping.
As a result
, they often do not celebrate their local holidays and forget their the roots day by day.
, children are the pillars of any nation,
, they are not interested in heritage and history, because their tutors and peers are not giving proper knowledge about the rich culture. As a consequence, in various countries, traditions and customs are almost to vanishing due to carelessness of parents and teachers.
issue can be defeated by taking some potential measures
as improving the education system as well parents should spend more time with children alive, rich traditions and customs.
, schools should be introduced and taught the traditions and customs subjects in a regular way, especially at a young age. Apart from
, parents should give basic knowledge about culture, and during the break period, they would travel to heritage places, which provide information about morals and values.
For instance
, a study showed that 15% income in India is a boost because many tourists visited there for watched traditional place Taj Mehal. To conclude,
modern technology is beneficial for everyone, while it is bad for traditions and customs. Children are the future of any country;
, instructors and guardians should teach the young generation about the traditions to preserve.
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