16/7/2020: Some people believe that spending money on developing the technology on space exploration is unjustifiable and there are more beneficial ways to spend this money. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is believed by some people that the funding for extraterrestrial researched should be cut down and invested in other issues
. I absolutely disagree with
opinion since I believe the existing problems have already received an adequate amount of resources,
, outer-space studies are beneficial for the humankind in various aspects. On the one hand, it Is true that our society co-exist with a plethora of tremendous issues, but I believe they have received enough attention and fundings.
For instance
, regarding of environmental problems like pollution or the extinction of certain creatures, scientists have published research and resolutions to them while governments set out propaganda campaigns. In 2010, the Vietnamese authorities agreed to cooperate with a private Japanese company and
as a result
, eradicated water contamination in the majority of Hanoi. Meanwhile, in terms of social issues like poverty or the lack of education in a certain areas of the world, national organizations like the United Nations, and NGOs, non-government organizations
Accept space
have stepped in to study the resolution and to accelerate the development of societies worldwide.
On the other hand
, with thorough research, it can be seen that outer-space discoveries are tremendously beneficial to the humankind,
, they should be allocated the sponsors they require. Knowledge beyond the
Earth plays a pivotal role in the evolvement and the existence of the human being. To illustrate, science, which is the fundamental base of natural beings, is an eternal continuum,
it is irrational for it to be limited merely in the
Earth. Supposedly,
does occur, scientists worldwide have confirmed that it would simultaneously limit the development of human knowledge.
, it is undeniable that extraterrestrial projects have resulted in a plethora of information and conclusions that probably control the existence of the entire
for example
the exploration of a
with its conditions compatible to the Earth’s in the early 2020, or a project in the late 90s that figured out how to predict the weather by observing stars and the Moon. In conclusion, while there is a belief that funding outer-space research is absurd and those resources should rather be invested in developing other fields, I completely disagree since those projects are somewhat essential to the society and the remaining topics have already received enough sponsors.
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • space exploration
  • justified expenditure
  • technological advances
  • earthly concerns
  • telecommunications
  • environmental conservation
  • inspire innovation
  • diplomatic relationships
  • peaceful cooperation
  • long-term survival
  • colonization
  • commercial ventures
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