Computers are increasingly used in education. In which areas do you think are computers more important and in which areas are teachers more important ?

It is true that our generation has significant achievements in computer development, which can be integrated directly into
education field
the education field
. While it can be argued that computers could perform dominant processes in teaching, I believe that there are certain areas where teachers play a distinctive role. There are several reasons why present technology
as advanced computers are expected to have
an influence
on the improvement of students.
, there are various tasks that may demand the assistance of technical devices to be completed hastily and accurately.
For example
, performing computational programs or solving mathematical
calculations are
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calculations, are
tasks require pinpoint accuracy and excessive speed, which is easier for computers compared to individuals.
, owning a desktop provides adolescents the potential to gain access to the internet, which is a vast educational resource. More specifically, a teacher might has limited knowledge on particular courses or
subjects whereas
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subjects, whereas
a computer can offer almost any academic information to a student in any sector of their study. Despite the above argument, I believe that teachers bring substantial and long-term benefits in education area.
To begin
with, there are specific curriculums that their targets may be passing the morality and humanity on the juniors. Due to the positive characteristics of the educators, they will perform adequately on mental tasks rather than the autonomous machines.
, through computers might handle and process a large amount of data exceptionally, they are unable to express opinions as well as guide students in certain situations.
For instance
, when teenagers desire some advices in order to make a decision in choosing which school they should attend, instructors could support, interpret and guide these young adults. In conclusion, computers are important in education where processing or calculating is required to be solved effectively while teachers have
the emotions, mental development and life compass of adolescents.
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