Task 2: [23/07/2020] Some people think that schools should choose students according to their academic abilities, while others think it is better to have students of different abilities studying together. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

The debate over the selection of whether arranging different students with the same abilities, studying together or separating them to academic abilities has gained a great deal of intense public and personal interest. Personally, I believe that streaming students bring a myriad benefits to teachers as well as students themselves. On the one hand, there are some certain grounds supporting to the view of encouraging mixed ability classes. The most obvious proof is that
type of training ensures to provide a well – rounded development for students.
For example
, it is true that those classes will equip youngsters with skills and knowledge in different subjects from art to science. Thereby creating a generation with highly intellectual views and overarching understanding in all aspects of life. Another necessity of promoting mixed capacity schools takes root in the fact that school students could gain support from their peers. In fact, it has been scientifically proven that getting helps from classmates not only boosts them study more effectively, but
build social skills
as communication, teamwork, cooperation,
On the other hand
, plenty of evidence and arguments could easily be found to prove that specialized classes could gain better academic performance. In the
place, which facilitates teaching method. Because professors could use the same way to teach their students with equal cognitive abilities so that tutors could control their courses more conveniently and easily. In the
place, gifted students could take advantage of the most of time and knowledge to exert themselves to the limit. Explained by the reason that they would not waste their time to wait and study with peers with lower cognitive development,
by contrast
, having a chance to compete to rivals with the same academic abilities.
For example
, in the Vietnamese context, before any international competitions, there are usually have special classes for the gifted only to study with intense pressure in the certain period of time, making sure that these students would bring medals for the nation. In conclusion, while some people champion by their interest and a number of advantages that mixed strength classes could bring. The opposite persuades me, which means the same qualification classes seem to be more practical.
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