All jobs can be done equally well by a man and a woman. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays, the idea that
men and women should have the same capacity to perform all the duties at the same level remains a source of controversy. In my opinion, I disagree with
point of view, because I believe that it
depends on types of jobs. On the one hand, there are numerous roles that should be done by
men and women. In fact, office duties are sufficient for almost all individuals because they do not require a physical requirement.
, it is obvious that, whether they are a lady or a gentleman,
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artwork is one of the fields best performed by
of them. Take the singers,
for example
, while Justin Beiber is renowned for trendy music, Lady Gaga still makes the audience popular for her distinctive style of singing.
On the other hand
, it could be said that
males and females have an individual set of characteristics, which enables them to perform well in certain tasks.
For example
, women are considered exceptionally being good at taking care of the household activities and bringing up children into the bargain. In fact, as most of the females are loving, affectionate and caring by nature, they are the best suitable for these jobs.
, men
have some special traits attached to their personality.
For instance
, men are deemed to be strong, confident and decisive. These qualities make it possible for them to give excellent performance in areas
as earning bread and butter for the home and making decisions for the family. Apart from that, they can
support their families in emotional as well as security matters. In conclusion, while many jobs can be handled fairly well by
lady and gentleman, I believe there are several jobs a man will do better than a woman and,
, there are jobs that a woman could do better than a man.
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