With a growing work population one of the most pressing issues is that of feeding such a larger number of people. some people think that GM foods offer a viable solution to this problem. To what extent do you agree or siagree?

Overpopulation is a serious issue in all the countries as the locally produced
is not enough to feed them, and many are suggesting GM foods to improve
production. But, others stating that they bring more harm only as popular diseases
as diabetics, cancer and others are triggered by them.
, in these foods, the number of good nutrients received by humans early are declined. In my opinion, GM foods are not good for human well-being.
, if we analyse the human
data before the genetically Modified
era, very few percentages of the population have the
issues related to diabetics or cancer, and they are considered to be very rare among the people.
In Contrast
, now with these hybrid foods, they are like common diseases, you will be likely acquired at or after the age of 35.
For example
, our previous generation stayed healthy and survived until an average age of 100, but now in the current population even people in their young age of 20 or 25 battling with cancer.
, the amount of nutrition varies between genetically modified and native foods. Usually, Hybrid foods are pest-resistant, drought-resistant to increase the yield in comparison to native foods, and
feature introduces some changes in their DNA structure, which affects the normal nutrition content of the
For example
, if a person consumes 1 fruit for his daily need with native foods can be compensated by 2 or more fruits from genetically modified foods.
, foods cultivated with non-GMO seeds and organic farming approach have healthier nutrition and brings sustainable agriculture. To conclude, genetically modified foods are not good for people
as it affects their
, and
the standard vitamins should be available in them.
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