In some countries, owning a home rather than renting one is very important for people. Why might this be the case? Do you think this is positive or negative situation?

It is widely believed by some nations that purchasing an apartment is more valuable than renting a place for accommodation. The most conspicuous factor contributing to
matter would be that it is a reliable investment in some areas.
, I find
issue a beneficial practice to secure money.
To begin
with, in some countries, real estate is a perfect form of investment.
That is
, the value of accommodation areas are escalating at an alarming pace, which could provide owners with a considerable interest rate.
, they prefer to allocate their asset to
sector to gain desirable profits. Take Iran,
for example
; in the
three months of the year, the average price of houses rose by 25
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per cent
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amount of profit could not be achieved in any other field.
On the other hand
, in
matter, demerits are overshadowed by merits.having a dwelling for your own is considered a positive approach to tackle the disastrous inflation that many countries are struggling with. To put it simply, due to
economic crisis, many people have to increase the amount of rent or deposit to rent a place that they are living in at the moment.
, possessing a home may be costly in the
stage, but people can benefit from it in a long-term period.
, owning a box could be a relief for many people who are changing their rental residence on a regular basis and could significantly decrease the level of concern for the mentioned group. In conclusion, economic issues may be the justification that convinces people that having a home for their own is crucial.
would serve as a financial point for people.
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • ownership
  • renting
  • importance
  • sense of security
  • stability
  • financial investment
  • asset
  • customize
  • decorate
  • belonging
  • community
  • potential
  • future generations
  • long-term
  • cost advantage
  • control
  • living space
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