The government should not waste money on arts as this money would be better spent on other projects like sanitation or infrastructure. Do you agree with the above statement?

The government should utilize money by investing more on building roads, bridges, highways and public health rather than on museums, sculptures. Personally, I do not agree with
statement and I will
state reasons supporting in below paragraphs.
, I believe the heritage of the nation can be preserved by arts. Building sculptures of leaders, scientists and other important personalities for future generations to let them know about how their forefathers have differed from hardships & made their life easy by science inventions, getting freedom, developing political reforms.
building museums, which will give more knowledge to its citizens about its origin, the tradition of its own country. And it will
help foreigners to understand our culture in details. Preservation of
monuments, arts can bring pride to our country.
, tourists visiting these places will
give us the monetary advantage, and
will help to recover the amount which the government has invested. Money does not go waste. In fact, it promotes our culture to other nations. To add
, governing authorities should decide to invest more in
projects which will help more foreign attraction and will
bring more jobs to support its people. To add more, before investment the government should consider calculating the appreciation of amount. To conclude, investing in arts should not be considered waste as it opens more new opportunities for its people and
attracts more foreigners to visit our nation.
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