All over the world, societies are facing a growing problems with obesity. This problem effect to the children and adults. What are the reasons for this? and how could it be tackle.

modern era, many countries around the globe are facing serious health issues
as for overweight problems and in the recent past, we have seen both children and adults becoming victims of
health issue. In
essay, I will elucidate the major reasons for obesity and
determine the solution to
To begin
with, the main reason for the increased obesity among the population is due to the sedentary lifestyle that we all follow. In
fast-paced life with advanced technology. we are not required to any much physical task as it is all taken care of by machines.
due to lack of exercise, the body gains excess weight in the long run leading to other severe health issues.
For Instance
, people prefer driving cars even for short distances and due to the tedious work schedules, many of them hardly find any time for going to the gym or any other activities.
, unlike in the past, in most of the homes both the parents will be working and
they will not have much time to cook meals at home, children are allowed to have food from outside and after some time, they are addicted to having
For example
, foods like burgers, pizzas, etc are readily available and tasty so kids would always want to have them
of home-made items. It is always important to take care of one's well-being and have a fit body. Doing regular exercise and playing outdoor games can help you lose body fat and stay fit.
avoiding fast food and replacing it with healthy homely meals will enhance your fitness. The government must
promote fitness and well-being and do campaigns to educate people about the consequences of obesity. Authorities can
increase the tax on unhealthy foods so that fewer people will consume.
For Instance
, In Oman, there is sin tax for KFC, McDonald's etc. To Conclude, it is important to have a healthy lifestyle for both adults and children. Kids learn from their parents and if from a young age they are not educated about the importance of fitness and eating proper diets it will have detrimental effects on their lives.
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