In order to be successful in sport, some people think you have to be physically strong. Others say that mental strength is more important. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

There are people whose opinion is that to be professional in sports, athletes might have to be strong in physical health.
, there is another opposing view that mental health is more significant. In my opinion, there is an equally important measure in both physical fitness and mental toughness. On the one hand, it has been regarded that physical fitness is a vital factor in sports success. Physical challenges might be the biggest barrier which most sportspeople should have to train their body to fit their major sport conditions so that they can pass it.
For example
, many professional basketball players are tall people which is their opportunity to jump and put the ball into the high located basket.
, physical strength can
enhance endurance when athletes need to move and play for a long period. In some sports
as volleyball, the players’ hands might have to be very hard and strong to hardly hit the ball every
for over 60 minutes.
On the other hand
, mentality may
be a fundamental factor in sports
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Mental toughness can always appear in the road to VICTORY which encourages sportspeople to persistently practice for maybe a decade.
, mentally strong might provide a pivotal attitude which can be a game-changing factor.
, whenever sportspeople are under pressure like fewer scores, run out of time, and lose teammates, good mental thinking can help them to tackle the problems to attain the final great success. In conclusion, physical fitness and mental toughness are both essential to become a professional athlete. In my perspective, I firmly opine that the better physical and mental health is, the more delighted and successful achievement athletes may receive.
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