I many places, new homes needed, but the only space available for building them is in the countryside. Some people believe it is omre important to protect the coutryside and not build new homes there. What is your opinion about this?

In today’s society, the
/advancement/progress of cities in allocating new homes has become a hotly debated topic among the community. While some people state that it is important to maintain and protect the
from all the negative aspects carried by new homes, others, including myself, believe that spreading over the
is an alternative to reduce
jam from towns, as well as, bring
to other parts of the city.
, it is well-known all the drawbacks related to overpopulated towns. Due to
fact, the
can be seen as an excellent alternative to build new homes in order to help to control
jam and many other unpleasant situations found in big cities,
as pollution and crimes. If the population had had
thought back in time, big cities nowadays would not have been suffering from
. In fact, in recent research, statistics have shown that people are spending 37% of their day in
, good management of new houses can help in reducing these statistics.
, when choosing a home, people
consider many other factors,
as jobs, schools, supermarkets and entertainment, which support the
of a region.
we can not guarantee plenty of protection of
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ountryside when constructing new homes, it is possible to develop these regions in a positive way.
For example
, local markets can benefit from new homes by selling their products, children can go to near schools and do not need to take buses, as well as job opportunities for those that do not want to live in crowded cities. To summarize, despite some claims about
protection, exploring these regions for new homes can help the whole population of a community by reducing
jam and supporting the
and quality of life from those living in these regions.
, I am completely in favour of using these areas for new homes.
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