Nowadays, people are less fit and healthy than they were in the past, which could affect their long term health. Why do you think this is? What can be done to solve this problem?

In recent years most individuals are inattentive about their wellbeing. Many people in modern society are living an unhealthy lifestyle;
they encounter illnesses and disabilities.
essay will discuss the reasons behind
trend, including a lack of
and overconsumption of
essay will
include solutions to these problems, including one’s work-life balance and diet. There are many reasons why people’s health are weakening, and the primary one is that the folks are working under huge pressure due to the fast-pace live style in comparison to the past.
leads to long working hours, leaving no time to participate in physical activities.
, people are living an unhealthy lifestyle simply because they struggle to maintain a work-life balance.
For instance
, studies have proven that more than 80% of full-time workers consume a huge amount of junk
per week as they have a shortage of personal time.
As a result
, people get less fit and unhealthy, which leads to sickness and disabilities. Maintaining a good active and healthy lifestyle is critical to mitigating all related illnesses. For startest people’s mindset have to be reset through an awareness-raising campaign. People that just live for their work will suffer physically, and a poor diet will worsen
For example
, individuals that have burned out from work have neglected
and the foods they eat.
, can the government assist by providing
facilities for the public;
, they can add more taxis to junk
to discourage the public in buying bad
to improve your wellbeing you need a work-life balance and a healthy diet. In conclusion, more and more people getting ill as in the past, because of a lack of
and healthy living. Balancing your work and life will provide more private time that could be spent on improving once wellbeing.
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