Although you have never formally studied computing, you have always been interested in computers. You have just read about a computer course that really interests you, but it is only for people who have completed an elementary course. Write a letter to the college enrolment officer. In your letter explain why you are writing describe your circumstances ask if a special exception can be made for you so you can enrol in the course

Dear Smith, My name is Julie and I want to enrol in the Cloud Computing
. I am writing to request you if you can make an exception for me because
is listed only for the students who have done an elementary
before. Actually, I was studying computer online on
Correct article usage
the udemy
show examples
academy website which offers online sessions about 20 hours per program. I have completed 4 courses and I am really familiar with the basic fundamentals of computers. So it will not be that difficult for me
Fix the infinitive
to learn
show examples
. I have been excited
Change preposition
show examples
the past three years for the development of the computer and I have found
computing development very interesting which will cover various subjects
as how to access computers, data analysis and data storage. I would really appreciate
Correct pronoun usage
it if
show examples
you will allow me to register for
program. I have worked as a computer assistant in one of the security
Fix the agreement mistake
show examples
. I will look forward to your positive response. Best regards, Jaspreet
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