The use of mobile phone is as antisocial as smoking. Smoking is banned in certain places so mobile phone should be banned like smoking.

In contemporary society, mobile
are the main factor in life;
in other words
, it is normally used whether watching a video, reading a newspaper, or chatting with others;
reason, many argue that people who are using
all the time do not differ from people addicted smoking.
, some believe that smoking is banned in some places so telephones should be banned like smoking.
essay will discuss both sides of the controversial issue, and my opinion will be provided. On the one hand, advocates of the usage of mobile
are as antisocial as smoking and it should be banned in certain areas. There is no denying that
play an important role in life as they spend a lot of time on
which makes it disadvantageous to them
as eyesight, memory, and concentration.
, it
decreases interaction with others like families and friends and
especially happens to children.
For example
, when a family have dinner, kids only focus on their mobile and do not talk with their parents.
reason, it can cause children to be shy or lack communication skills when they commute with others.
On the other hand
, despite many negative effects, there are a number of positive aspects that cannot be ignored.
It is clear that
some citizens have a lot of money in applications
as K-bank, TrueMoney wallet, and other app banks.
, there are several benefits of telephones
as searching the information about the places in which you are. In conclusion, many think that mobiles should be limited somewhere like restaurants because they bring about antisocial troubles
as smoking. In my view, we should use
at appropriate times and should not spend more time on nonsense apps like games.
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • antisocial
  • social interactions
  • negative impacts
  • banning
  • regulated
  • completely banned
  • education
  • awareness campaigns
  • responsible
  • mobile phone use
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