University student are increasingly studying abroad as part of their studies. Do the advantages of studying abroad outweigh that disadvantages.

Nowadays, the trend of following university studies abroad is significantly increasing among students.
students will often struggle with the difficulties linked to the high cost of studies and the contrast of culture, they will get significant life experience that will reward them on their career in the future. In my opinion, studying in a different country is far better off for students even they have to face many challenges. The main advantage of studying abroad is the weighty knowledge that students will acquire .
simply because the open-minded on other cultures, will allow them to improve themselves as people, and boost their eventual career line, which is impossible if they study in their own country.
For instance
, studying in China permit the interaction with native which in turn helps the discovering of
wonderful culture and develop a very interesting way of thinking.
, studying abroad is a great way to achieve a high level of acquaintance.
, the major drawback of studying overseas is that studies costs are very expensive,
the differences in cultures. Since students should pay registration fees adding many other fees like rent, food, transportation,
, they have to learn how to adapt to the local culture. The majority of students work part-time to provide their tuition fees, while they are struggling with studies. So that it’s so hard to focus on learning under
difficult circumstances like are high budgets and new politics. To conclude, today the amount of students going abroad to study is progressively increasing.
essay discussed the great benefit of studying abroad including the noteworthy life skill.
essay discussed
the main disadvantages related to the financial situation and cultural adaptation. Personally, I think, despite the price to pay, studying in another country is a great chance to get good awareness and the key to the future .
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