International travel has many advantages to both travellers and the country that they visited. Do advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

World travel brings a plethora of merits to both visitors and the nation that they travelled. In my opinion, I believe that the perks outweigh the demerits On the one hand, international travel has a myriad of negative things.
, the tours to other states exert an adverse bearing on the environment. Because, visitors could release a tremendous amount of waste which is one of the primary cause contaminate the environment, leading to climate change and global warming.
, Travelling to different countries is the main resource in order to disease transmission between
country and other countries. Take COVID- 19 disease as a telling example, Travelling makes spread an enormous number of people who suffer from corona from China, American, the Uk, other countries in the world, acting as a contributor to rising significantly the rate of refected people and the mortality rate
On the other hand
, Travelling around the world
creates a rich variety of perks. The
positive side is that helps develop
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ourism industry of the native state, bringing to local people a large diversity of opportunities to promote the salary and have a well-paid job. It is a great way for local people to improve considerably living standard and living quality.
, Travelling to the new nation
helps popularise
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mage and culture of their country. Take Vietnam as a telling example, many people have worn traditional Vietnamese clothes
as ao dai, leaves hats when travelling to other countries.
, a large variety of international friends have a deep understanding
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the customs and traditions of Vietnam In conclusion, I totally advocate the idea that international travel brings an enormous number of positive things
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utweigh the negative things to both visitors and the state where they visited
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