The government should pay to the parents of very young children, so that one of them can stay at home and look after their children. What do you think are the pros and cons of this policy? Justify your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Some people find that one of the parents should stay with their children at home.
, they asked the government to support them financially for taking care of their babies. under these circumstances, there are some advantages and disadvantages of
situation will be described in
To begin
, there are clear benefits for very young children who been taking care of by their parents
of a babysitter. Children will feel love and warm when they are close to their parents,
in addition
, they will feel more secure and
will reflect directly over their personality.
, a non-working father or mather will have plenty of time to have a closer look at younger children and will raise them well with early home education.
For instance
, some families have a child with disabilities or need special care. In
case, it would be more helpful for the child.
, there are some negative results of
and for most, there will be some economic problems for the governments, it will cost the countries budget. Especially, If the governments continue paying to each every new baby and not getting work in reward.
, some children will become more depended on their parents,
they were always been there for them to solve any difficulties in their daily life.
, civil society will be unproductive and lazy as
for example
,some individuals like the easy money they had while staying at the house. In conclusion, as many policies ,
policy has pros and cons regarding what parents demand of governments.
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Support ideas with relevant, specific examples

Examples make your writing easier to understand by illustrating points more effectively.

Examples, if used properly, not only help you get higher marks for ‘Task Response’ but also for ‘Coherence’.

When giving examples it is best to put them after your main idea or topic sentence. They can be used in the middle of supporting sentences or they can be used to start a new sentence. There is no rule for where exactly to give examples in essays, logically they would come after your main idea/topic sentence or just after a supporting sentence.

Linking words for giving examples:

  • for example
  • for instance
  • to illustrate this
  • to give a clear example
  • such as
  • namely
  • to illustrate
  • take, for example

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Topic Vocabulary:
  • formative years
  • cognitive development
  • financial burden
  • low-income families
  • gender roles
  • gender equality
  • workplace
  • economic strain
  • divert resources
  • public services
  • healthcare
  • education
  • workforce
  • productivity
  • economic growth
  • socialization
  • structured learning
  • daycare/early education programs
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