Large businesses have big budgets for marketing and promotion and as result, people gravitate towards buying their products. What problems does this cause? What could be done to encourage people to but local products?

There is no doubt that most a high proportion of over the world are prone to purchase goods which are produced by large companies because of their commercials and lower prices compared to local products. The main causes of buying products from large businesses are the lack of clients and having difficulties to survive. There are many solutions which should be implemented to deal with a lack of customers. The first main causes are that the promotion of products by large companies can result significantly to reduce the number of purchasers who are original clients of local business. That is to say, large businesses have a better marketing strategy and budget which helps them to encourage the main part of clients, and small businesses cannot compete with them. To illustrate, micro-enterprises can not promote their goods as macro enterprises which cause to lose their costumer. Secondly, expanded big businesses make it difficult for many small enterprises to survive longer. For example, big businesses offer a range of products in which small businesses suffer a lack of goods’ variety, and it causes them to close their business. However, there are a variety of possible solutions that should address this problem. The main way to combat this issue is that local businesses should be subsidized by the government for promoting their products. As a consequence, a lot of people in the community will be aware of products that sell in their adjacent. Furthermore, big companies should work alongside local businesses to support the community. In other words, microenterprise into the community can survive longer. In conclusion, despite the causes are more severe in many places, were subsidies by the government and supported by large businesses to be implemented, this issue would be hopefully be solved soon.
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