Caring for children is an important thing in society. It is suggested that all mothers and fathers should be required to take childcare training courses. Do you agree or disagree ? (approximately 250 words)

It is sometimes argued that participating in parenting courses is the best way for parents to become experts in taking care of their children. While I agree that this can bring many benefits to mothers and fathers, I believe other methods could be equally effective as well. On the one hand, there are some perks of attending parenting courses. Firstly, these courses could prepare young couples psychologically to face many new problems that they will encounter when they have a child. Many young people are unprepared for the differences between life as a couple and life of raising an infant in terms of having additional responsibilities and stress, the changing roles in their marriage, and the reduced amount of time available for them to bond as a couple. Secondly, with the knowledge gained in these courses, parents would be armed with some of the practical skills to bring up their children. For instance, many young couples normally do not have adequate awareness of which food is suitable for each stage of development of children such as crawling, walking, or teething times. Therefore, future parents could gain much theoretical knowledge through such courses in terms of what possible problems they will tackle when they have children and eventually be better prepared for them. On the other hand, I believe that there are several reasons why childcare training courses should not be compulsory despite many advantages. The first reason could be that many parents have hectic jobs and schedules, and it is not possible to partake in regular parenting classes. Instead of spending time in these courses, many parents prefer to devote the quality time to go out with their children, listen to them, and teach them the practical things in life. Another reason is that parenting skills could also be learned from family members, friends, and the surrounding culture. The instinct of wanting to be good parents will motivate people to try and adapt different methods passed on previous generations of the family to raise children in terms of physical development and cognitive performance in accordance with their own characters. Normally these real-life experiences are not often found in the theoretical courses and parents will be more likely to listen to the people whom they can easily relate to such as family and friends. In conclusion, while the benefits associated with parenting courses could help many parents improve their parenting skills, it is more important that they can find their own way of nurturing and caring for their children based on their own life experience and worldview within the best financial capacity and time they have
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