Internet crime is increasing rapidly as more and more people around the world are accessing the internet.What are the worst internet crimes?How can they be preventend?

Owing to the advancement in technology, a growing number of people are using the internet. As a consequence, online offense has also increased. This essay will discuss some of the deleterious crimes on the web like hacking user's private data, and financial data, and also suggest the viable solution: to use security tools to prevent this. To begin with, it is undeniable that no people have left without internet access. Moreover, people are now doing many activities online: social networking, online shopping. Furthermore, social networking sites and shopping sites are storing user's important data and give access to this data to other sites also. As a negative ramification, hackers can easily get these valuable data and misuse them. For instance, Facebook - most using social networking site, last year more than 2 million accounts have been hacked, and all the private information were put on sold on the dark web. Besides, the survey of world bank has revealed that in the year 2019, approximate 50 million dollars of online fraud happened by credit card information. Moving forward, to curb this, awareness in the public about the usage of the internet and security threats is required. Also, there are lots of different protection tools available online which are useful to prevent this. For example, Google has developed a saftey tool that encrypted users ' data and stores it in a folder that can only be accessed by the user. To conclude, although it is an arduous task to prevent crime, it can be controlled by the people's awareness and different protection tools.
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