Some people feel that the primary function of a university should be to prepare students for the working world. Others argue that the purpose of university education is to provide knowledge for knowledge’s sake. Discuss both sides and give your own opinion.

There are several controversial views in society regarding the challenges faced by education. On the one hand, the institution must prepare students for their future professions, and on the other hand, universities must teach knowledge, and how the student disposes of it is a personal matter. I support the thesis that the University should provide a transition from education to work because students should be able to apply their knowledge in a profession. This essay will consider two important factors as independence and the ability to apply their knowledge to work. Some people believe that students should be independent and responsible for their actions. The University does not have to support the student but only has to provide everything the student needs to study. In other words, this approach will help the student become self-sufficient. Moreover, we know from psychology that hyper-care can only do harm and extra care for a student can be harmful. For example, a recent study at Oxford University showed that students who live with their parents have50% more difficulty in finding a job after University than those who live alone. From this, we can conclude that independence in the process of study is essential. Nevertheless, there is a widespread belief that the University is obligated to train future staff as this is their primary task. Indeed, it is difficult to imagine how it can be assumed that an aeroplane pilot will be able to get a job with an airline without practice or a doctor will be able to perform his first operation by following textbooks. There are undeniable advantages to having universities train practical and non-theoretical specialists. In conclusion, although Universities must provide independence for students to take responsibility for their future careers, they must also provide them with real work experience that will allow them to be successful in their professions. If we didn’t have study-work transitional programs in our Universities, that would result in unqualified staff in highly responsible positions.
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