It has been argued that gift giving should not be encouraged, because money is often wasted on things that people do not like or want. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience

Giving presents is a good way of expressing people's feelings and emotions to their loved ones. Some people would think that gift-giving should not be sustained, as it makes people spend their money on things that are neither needed nor desired. In my opinion, I strongly believe that a gift is a great way to show our adoration with others and a considerable method so save our money. Firstly, saving money is good, but giving your loved ones a proper present which matches the times and their interest could show them that you know all about their needs and willing to spend your time to fulfill their wishes. In fact, mindful gift buying with insights into what the recipient wants can lead to the giving of practical presents. On the other hand, at some special celebrations, giving money to your friend or your relatives so they would get whatever they want could be a straightforward and easy way. However, this method might show that you do not have time for them or have no knowledge of what recipients want. For example, on your wedding anniversary, your golf lover husband would be so pleased when you give him a limited edition stick which had Tiger Wood's handwriting on it rather than give him money or save it for other occasions. As a result, gift-giving would strengthen your bond with your close persons. Secondly, at some particular events, times that money or presents should be given as a gift, gift-giving could save you lots of money when you give away your special old stuff such as a special local handicraft, a trinket of a region, or even something you made by yourself. Giving away something that you love or you made definitely shows your people how much you love them and also helps you do not have to spend money on something unnecessary. Giving your son a hat you wore from highschool could bring him joyfully way more than just buy him a new one. Moreover, giving your friends your old table might be useful for their new house and helps you do not waste a good thing. In conclusion, while I acknowledge that unplanned gift shopping could be a waste of money, I contend that exchanging presents should be encouraged, as long as it is done in a thoughtful manner.
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