Some people think that advertising on TV is useful for veiwers, while others disagree.Discuss both sides and give your openion .

It is considered by some people that Television advertisement is effective for people who are watching, while others believe that they are less effective. In my opinion, I would agree that advertising on TV is useful for viewers as it presents a nice visual and audible report regarding the product. However, If viewers are not concentrating on the details of the advertisement, it can become a waste. This essay will discuss both these views as well as my opinion. On the one hand,TV advertisements are considered as a successful method of popularisation of a product as it can be advertised in an extremely illustrative manner. Moreover, the viewers are entertained by the way of presentation and help them to relax their minds. For instances, some TV advertisements we watched during our childhood still can be memoried with a smile on our face. On the other hand, this method of advertising can become a waste if the viewer is not paying much attention to it. As the TV advertisements are telecasting in an unplanned manner throughout the programme, most viewers tend to neglect them without concentrating. Therefore,it becomes useless for both viewers as well as for the company. For example, my daughter was not aware of most of the advertisements telecast during her favourite TV show and according to her they are irritating and disturbing her show. In conclusion, TV advertisements are useful for the viewers if they present in an ice planned manner without disturbing the show and overwhelming of the programme with advertisements make the report regarding the product useless.
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