Why do some people who leave school early are more successful compared with those who complete their studies? Reasons why they are more successful and what is required to be successful?

Everyone desires success, and they do go through various trials and tribulations to achieve it. However, some individuals believe that people who had left their school early are more prosperous than those who finish their education. In this essay, we shall discuss the causes of such people’s success and the requirements for prosperity. Firstly, people who leave their education at an earlier age would have an adequate amount of exposure to the business. Moreover, they learn through their mistakes and gain knowledge along the way. Secondly, with age comes wisdom, and thus after a specific period, people can acknowledge their strengths and flaws, and use it to create a profitable business. For instance, many business individuals achieve prosperity after investing years and gaining an ample amount of experience. As a result, people who foment working early achieve achievement sooner compared to those who finish their studies. On the other hand, although prosperity is not defined by the level of education or knowledge, it depends on a person personality. Furthermore, these characteristics are patience, hard work, dedication, and consistency. To illustrate, patience is one of the key element required for a propitious future because without it a person will always be anxious or terrified. Similarly, other attributes are essential as well; for example, an individual future directly depends upon their level of dedication, concentration, and passion for their work, and with the lack of any of these lowers the outcome significantly. Hence, it is the cumulative effort of patience, passion, and determination that makes an individual successful. To summarize, there are are two sides to a coin. Therefore, people who abandon school early are prosperous due to their exposure and experience to work. Whereas, the formula for success relies on all the aforementioned characteristics.
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