Despite the environmental concerns raised by scientists people are not changing their life style Why is this? What should be done to encourage the people in order to save environment?

Even though, scientist around the world have raised concerns regarding the rising threats against nature, people are not yet ready to make a change in their way of living. Change in attitude and lack of awareness would be some of the major reasons and this can be eliminated or reduced with proper awareness and strict law. To begin with, people in today's world have become more self-focused that, they rather worry about their financial gains, than show interest in what is happening in the environment. Earning capacity of today's population is higher compared to the last century and hence their purchasing capacity has likewise surged. For that reason, buying electronics items and frequently replacing it, increases the electronic wastage as people rarely recycle or reuse the products. Moreover, people are not ready to sacrifice their self- interest in the betterment of their habitat. The only way to encourage people to support the environment through proper education. Even though they are aware of the existence of environmental issues, they are not aware of how much they can contribute to nature. For instance, government or Municipal Corporation can conduct study classes every week in their community about waste management and Habitat development. Apart from this, the local authorities should levy a hefty penalty against individuals who don't adhere to the rules and regulations towards Environment protection. In conclusion, even though a sudden change in attitude cannot be expected among the masses , a steady awareness and strict rules can help to reduce environmental concerns and pave the way for a better habitat.
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