In some countries, young people have become richer, healthier, and live longer, but they are less happy. What are the causes? What can be done to address this situation?

Even though youngsters are living a ling wealthy, healthy life in different countries, they are feeling unhappy. This essay will discuss some of the reasons behind this fact and suggest possible solutions to overcome the current problem. Modern lifestyle has a major impact on society, especially for young people. In other words, rich youngsters became more dependent on technology and they might feel they are doing less effort. As a result, they will feel unsatisfied because they did not achieve their goal by working hard. Moreover, being rich at a young age would make them financially independent and secure; nevertheless, youngsters might face loneliness and difficulties to make new friends or have good relationships, even with there family members. For instance, many studies revealed that many wealthy people were miserable and sometimes committed to suicide. Despite the hardness of this situation, some small solutions could make a huge difference in their souls. Firstly, helping other people and volunteering, both have a great effect on youths mental health. For example, helping poor children to continue their education, would make a better world and that directly reflect over rich people's heart. They will feel satisfied and they will find happiness in poor children's eyes. Secondly, spending time with their parents and their family and socializing, would be a great idea to make them understand the value of existence. In conclusion, money can not buy happiness, that is why young people may felt sad and empty although the fancy healthy life they lived.
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