There are many types of music in the world today. Why do we need music? Is the traditional music of a country more important and should it be preserved or is international music that is heard everywhere nowadays more useful to a society?

Music has been a medium to channel emotions since centuries. Through its vibrations, rhythms and, lyrics music helps us feel emotions and transition between them catering the intangible need to calm one down or reminisce our feelings. With time, songs have evolved into various forms, creating a split opinion about traditional music and modern music. I opine, while traditional music should be preserved, modern music shouldn't be deemed detrimental to society. Traditional songs always hold a special place in our hearts, reminding us of our unaltered culture. But as modernisation has transformed each part of our lives, our culture has also seen some changes. Conventional songs, preserve those cultures and memories, qualifying as an art that should be protected for the future generation. Concurrently, there are many songs that cannot be recreated today, due to the lack of orthodox instruments and these songs are the only piece that would allow us to re-live those moments. On the flip side, international songs also represent today's new accepting cultures. If we get judgemental about change, the progressive world starts losing its value. To bridge the gap, we have seen so many old melodies recreated with modern tunes in multitudes of languages. Global songs aim to share the joy of music in a unified way, not to demean traditional music. So its value serves a different purpose than orthodox music, allowing it to grow in its own niche and handing the control to listeners for selection. In conclusion, even though different but international music could be viewed as equally important, whereas traditional music needs to be preserved for its binding cultural value. We cannot choose between then, as change is the only constant, and we need to accept it, but that doesn't imply discarding something we already have.
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