Learning English language in an English speaking country is easy, but not the only methodology. Do you agree or disagree?

Undoubtedly, due to increased competition in the field of education and scarcity of job opportunity, individuals mostly travel abroad in search of better options, for which they have to learn the English accent, to which some people argue that learning English is easy in a native English country, however, it is not the only methodology. Nowadays, learning the English accent is a compulsion all around the globe. To commence with, it is always easy to learn a new language in a native province where that is used as a mother tongue, because, whatever, we learn we need to practice that side by side. For instance, if a person wants to remember a course for a lifetime then, they have to understand the practical implication of that particular subject and try to imply it anywhere it is possible, similar is the case with an individual who wants to learn a new speech, first understand the need of studying that, after that, it comes to implication, what could be a better option than using that terminology in their daily life cycle. However, this not the only way to learn a new speech, rather the government had made it compulsory of education organisation to introduce English as their second expression for communication, for example, in India lawmakers make sure by running a survey every month, that whether the institution is maintaining, the guidance is given by the higher authority of introducing scholars with the English sound or not, which helps the minors to develop a proper accent and a good vocabulary. To conclude, the English terminology could be learned best in an English speaking country, but it is not the only option. English being an international mode of communication, law-makers are emphasizing on schools and university to make it as their second mode of communication inside the camps.
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