Some parent believe that learning mathematics at school is redundant and should not be taught while others believe that it should remain a foundational subject whether or not it is used later in life. Discuss both sides.

Studying mathematics in school is considered a redundant discipline, as some parents think, while others believe that it is a fundamental subject regardless of whether it will be used in the future or not. On the one hand, the opinion that mathematics is an unnecessary field of studying at school has weight because computers are used everywhere. On the other hand, some believe that mathematics lays the foundations for logical thinking. Some families believe that the world has changed, and computers are replacing humans when it comes to doing math, so students' study will be superfluous. Computers have become part of our lives, and they are always around us, helping us solve any problem from counting purchases in a supermarket to making financial reports. Moreover, using the calculator on your phone, you can solve complicated mathematical problems, such as engineering calculations and formulas. For example, we have now developed an application that allows you to measure buildings' dimensions and make calculations using your phone. Therefore, many believe that the computational process can be given to a computer and is unnecessary. Other parents believe that mathematics is an integral part of logic and that this is an essential aspect of our living. Mathematics is associated with reason because logical theorems are proved by using mathematical formulas. For instance, IQ tests examine mathematical reasoning, and it is believed that the higher the level you have, the smarter the human. The reason is critically important in a person's ability to exist in the modern world since, without it, an individual cannot live in society. In extreme cases, it can lead to the isolation of a person from others. Therefore, mathematics can be an essential aspect of our life. In conclusion, based on the above facts, we can conclude that the computer can perform many functions for us. Therefore, the study of mathematics may not be a compulsory subject at school, but at the same time, mathematics is an integral part of human functioning, and this is a critical ability for life.
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