Some people feel that the primary function of a university should be to prepare students for the working world. Others argue that the purpose of university education is to provide knowledge for knowledge’s sake. Discuss both sides and give your own opinion.

It is often believed that universities should prepare the students for the complete job whereas others think that colleges have a responsibility of giving them education only. It is not their headache to prepare them to work in the market. In my point of view, colleges are responsible for providing learning as per their working environment. I will discuss both views and would like to elaborate in the below paragraphs. To begin with, It is correct that gives students complete knowledge is college responsibility. But that studies must lead them to some good path. For example, apart from the basic subjects in academics, they must introduce competitive books from the initial semester only. Furthermore, It helps them to crack the competitive exam for jobs in the initial stage itself. Consequently, immediately after passing the university,they could able to do the work and earn their living on their own. To continue with the second decision, If the university focuses on the basic subject of academics, it might be like cramming the subjects that do not even help them to enter the working world. Although, without basic studies, children cannot survive because from the subjects like mathematics or data structure they cannot perform the programming. On the other side, they must have knowledge of their shortcuts to clear the entrance exam. So in my opinion, both the basic and competitive education is necessary because if one cannot earn after gaining higher education, then there is no use of passing the degree. To conclude, It would be fine if both the comments go on side by side. It would really help the students to get knowledge as well as job for their living.
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