Walking is known to be beneficial and yet, fewer and fewer people are walking these days. What are the reasons for this? What can be done to tackle this problem?

At present, people who walk on foot reduced when compared to the past. In
essay, we will discuss the main causes
as comfortable transportation and busy lifestyle. We would suggest solutions on how to handle
issue by providing awareness to people and conducting marathons.
, a large number of facilities are available these days and people involved in their work they don't have time to work. To travel anywhere everyone has cars, bikes, bicycles with new technologies due to which fewer people prefer to walk.
, everybody addicted to their computers they don't have the leisure to do physical activities.
For instance
, If we consider the statistics in 2020 when compared to
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ast 10 years they are 30% number of people who prefer to run or walk.
world is changing that everyone wants to maintain a luxury life.
, we should have campaigns to make people aware of how walking can provide benefits and make us healthy. The private and public sectors have to implement running or walking competitions at least twice a week.
For example
, in 2019 brazil government has passed the protocol that everyone should participate in a minimum of 10kms run .
As a result
, the people in that country has become healthier. Walking is the best form of exercise. In conclusion, walking can allow us a long sustainable life yet few people understand
. We have discussed the problems of how it can affect our lives and suggested how to overcome
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