Nowadays a large amount of advertising aimed at children should be banned because of the negative effects. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Recent years have seen one of the conspicuous trends of marketing of materialisation to attract adolescents which have created a moot point due to its disastrous effects on teenagers. A growing number of people postulate that these kinds of marketing strategies should be looked out by authorities and should be banned;
, the rest opposes it. Notwithstanding,
disquisition will explore both vantage points and,
will put forward my own viewpoint,
. Admittedly, the contenders who argue that advertisements which aim is focused on just youngsters must be restricted--have their own justification. The validation behind their argument might be that juveniles' minds are easy to mould towards current trends that unable to put pressure on their minds to buy it at any cost!
, some electronics advertisements
as cell phone, camera and video games are not only exorbitant to handle the expenses but
are responsible to divert the concentration from studies.
, the aim of advertisement fulfilled by the company directors but, what happens to students is only drawbacks for child development. According to one survey by the New York Times in 2009, 30% of youngsters badly impacted by the technical advertisements while studying and loss their academic tracks.
, the school of thought that support the marketing campaigns be absolutely right? Certainly, it follows the audio-visual marketing strategies can help the juvenile development in many ways
as neurological, behavioural and personality growth by involving in recent technological researches.
, it
depends on the will of children and the way they treated by their parents that if they could have the technology in their hands or they just need to imagine
aspects of lives. To conclude, having explored both standpoints, I reiterate that having advertisement, in general, can be more effective and can absolutely develop the vision of the child;
, the balance between the frequency and what is in priority should be always looked out
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