One of the consequences of improved medical care is that people are living longer and life expectancy is increasing. Do you think the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

It is a true fact that average
expectancy is significantly increasing because of the advancement in medical fields.
many may see it as a positive phenomenon, it is not a trend without drawbacks. Both the merits and demerits will be discussed before a reasonable conclusion is reached. The
and foremost advantage is that advanced medical technology helps in finding the treatment of deadly diseases, in resulting, disease-free societies. A fit person always shows enthusiasm to work till the age they can, in that way they give
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eneficial contribution to the economic prosperity of the nation which is vital for tertiary development of the country.
For example
, Indian 70 years old eminent singer Lata makeshkar, has denoted $50,000 for treatment of people suffering from COVID -19, which is a huge benefaction in
critical situation. Another clear reason is that old people give notable cooperation in children's
. After their parents, grandparents are the only one who makes kids aware of heritage values and moral values
as integrity, empathy, etc.They share their
, youngsters become venerable to the societies.
For instance
, in my 10th standard, I cheated on my one of the close friend, Allen and we had a nasty verbal conflict. I shared
severe problem with my grandfather and he taught me the value of companionship and integrity, in result, I successfully sorted -out my fight and now she is my business partner.
On the other hand
, increasing
span is
has a negative aspect. Longevity is
a big reason for a notable increase in the population. The Old and physically unfit individuals required more medical and nursing care frequently, which put a tremendous burden on the societies and government and
become an obstacle in the growth of the country.To illusion, in 2018, in China Due to an epidemic,a significant number of senior citizens died but to treat them government arranged all the required expensive equipment like ventilator from other countries
they faced a big decline in the Country's economy.
,in the present scenario, due to increasing
expectancy, old people prefer to work for years and years and organizations hire highly experienced people over freshers for more work productivity and accuracy, which is considerable reason for the unemployment of young people. To conclude, even though more evaluation in health streams increasing the
span. Children, young and old individuals, all have their own role in society which is vital for fine balance in families, communities and country.
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