Television dominates the free-time of too many people. It can make people lazy and prevent them from socialising with others. Do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays, most of the people spend their leisure
watching television rather than with family or neighbours. Many may see it as a trend without drawbacks, but I believe it harms our social interaction as well as health and mental well-being. The
and foremost reason is that in
faced pace era, for the sake of earning more money, people prefer to work hard and living sedentary lifestyle. But when they get the luxury of free
, they spend it on watching movies and shows on
, which hamper their social relationship as well as health well-being. To be more specific, less socialization is a sense for weakening the social fabric of society and family relationships.
For instance
, according to the Tribune newspaper, after coming home from the office, people spend most of their
watching television rather than their life partner, which is the core reason for increasing divorce cases. The
worth mentioning the reason is that in today's era people are more enthusiastic to know what is happening around the world rather than in their areas.
That is
why they prefer to watch
on festivals like Diwali, Holi, independence day more willingly than celebrating it with family and society, which is the major cause of decreasing social harmony.
For example
month one of my friends told me he spends most of his free
watching the football game on
, but he never goes out to play it with friends.
On the other hand
is the most popular way to pass out vacant
. People can watch movies at home with the family at home, which makes their relations strong.
, less social people spend their life freely without fear of being judge by judgemental people of the family which increase their mental peace.
For instance
, According to Indian psychologist, people who spend most of the
away from society with their family or alone watching
, are mentally strong. To conclude,
is the best and inexpensive way of entertainment,
, it has a detrimental impact on our social relationship, as well as on our fitness
as eyes problem, heart health, etc. Excess of everything is bad, so it's essential to make a fine balance in work, social and personal life.
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