Some people think that art is essential subject for children at school while others think it is a waste of time. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

The school curriculum has always been a controversial topic in every society. While some argue that art subjects are mandatory to be learnt as a part of the syllabus, others often consider it a waste of time and emphasis on including science and technology subjects more. In my opinion, learning art is crucial as it is a source of connection with our ancestors and should be taught to some extent to the kids. Art is a source of connection between or present and past, it must be taught to our future generation to keep them connected with our past. This means that even though art subjects seem unnecessary, these remind us of our culture and our past generations which are crucial to staying attached to our societal norms. For instance, the traditional warfares, clothing and source of entertainments such as music and theatre are the sources from where we learn the way of living of our ancestors and learn lessons to built our future as well. Therefore, these subjects must be taught to youngsters. In contrary, the advocates of eliminating this subjects from school curriculum say that science and technology need to be our focal point nowadays because we would have to seek our future career in it. Which means to say that, unlike arts subjects, science and advanced subjects have more to offer in career perspective. For example, a science student has more probability get a highly paid job in the future, while one of the liberal arts does not have such prospects. Hence, art courses should be excluded from schools. In conclusion, although some hold the opinion that learning art is important for the kids at school, others still consider it a waste of time. I believe that art is an integral part of our culture and helps us to learn about our societal norms, thus these should be taught at some level to the kids.
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