Explain some of the ways in which humans are damaging the environment. What can governments do to address these problems? What can individual people do?

In the modern society of today, the environment is being affected seriously by a lot of negative activities of inhabitants; however, this situation can be tackled by authorities and individuals. On the other hand, governments play an essential role in environmental pollution; thus, they can solve this problem by creating campaigns in saving the environment. The authorities should practice recycling campaigns from waste. Thanks to these programs that people can attend together, and they can share how to recycle from the garbage from plastic bags and bottles. For example, some countries namely the Philippines, Indonesia, and so on establish a campaign is that collection eco-bricks to build some constructions to service for people, and it brings a lot of positive benefits. On the other hand, the environment is an important element in the life of people; therefore, they need to protect it by using public transportation. Citizens should use public transport rather than private transportation because it is one of the most reasons why environmental pollution. To illustrate, a car emits about 6kg CO2 gases in the atmosphere, but a bus just has 0,5kg CO2 gases; thus, if people used public transport such as buses, trains, and so on, it would alleviate a large number of CO2 emissions from private vehicles. In conclusion, environmental pollution is the biggest priority of people; nevertheless, people are destroying it in other ways. The governments can solve by establishing campaigns of recycling from waste; additionally, individuals also can contribute improve this problem by using public transportation.
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