Computers are being used more and more in education. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages and give your own opinion.

In recent times, computers have been excessively used in education. While It makes learning easy due to visuals and audio, it does have drawbacks such as not affordable for some students and often brings in health issues. In my opinion, I believe that making use of electronic devices in teaching is overwhelmingly beneficial for students. To begin with, first and foremost advantage is that it has excellent visuals. It makes even slow learners comprehend the difficult syllabus, thereby making them excel in their studies. Schools for special children, for example, have witnessed a drastic improvement in learning among students, after introducing computers in the schools. Besides, the interesting audio clips enable students to understand the subjects more precisely. It is, therefore, apparent that students will benefit largely if schools continue to use computers for teaching. Having said that, there are a few downsides of the usage of computers in educational institutions. Primarily, many pupils cannot afford them as they belong to the lower-income group. Because of this, they lack behind in their studies as compared to fellow students. As per a recent study at Harvard, for example, stated that only 60% of school goes in Brooklyn had personal computers at home to do assignments. Secondly, excessive use of electronic devices makes the students suffer from severe eye strains and frequent headaches. Thus, had there not been the involvement of computers in education, all the pupils would have got equal opportunity to prove their potentials, as well as health problems, would have been avoided. To conclude, in the current scenario, computers are increasingly used in education. It has merits such as it enables comfortable learning with visuals and audios, though it has shortfalls, namely, not economical for many students and health problems associated with it. Despite varied opinions, I contend that having computers for studies is highly useful for learners.
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