Recent advances in air travel have focused only on those sitting in upper class and have left other passengers with no benefits. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Air Travel is one of the fastest means of transport which is expensive too. In this transport there are upper class and lower class passengers. In the recent advances in air travel have focused only on upper-class passengers and due to this other passengers have left with no benefits. As per my knowledge, I agreed on this statement. Nowadays to attract customers, Air travel is giving very good deals at reasonable rates but they are now lacking in providing the services especially to lower class passengers. As they have decreased the fare charges for lower class passengers to increase their passengers so they are providing them with no benefits which are acceptable. They are focussing only on Upper-class passengers as they are charging high fare from them. For example,Last time when I was travelling through Airways then I have taken Lower class ticket and they provided me nothing during my travel. These days Life is so busy, everyone wants to save time, so everyone like to opt for air travel to save time and money. But as fas as benefits are concerned, so lower class passengers are compromising on this. Air travel has no concerned with it that they should provide benefits like meals, vouchers etc. They are focussing only on the upper-class passengers. Air travel is focussing only on making money. In Conclusion, Air Travel companies should focus on giving benefits to all the passengers as they are charging from them too and should provide the services. Air travel companies goodwill/reputation depends upon the fare charges, benefits and services provided by them. They should not remain focused only on passengers sitting in the upper class.
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