The internet is a great source of information and has opened up opportunity for people to learn over the world. Is all information reliable on the internet? What could be done to control information online?

In this modern era, due to technological advancements, the internet has expanded itself to share the information about happening around the world in a few seconds to educate people. I think, not all the content available on the internet is trustworthy. In my perspective, having physical staff who could work to stop the irrelevant stuff posted would reduce the problems to a great extent. The content available on the internet is acceptable up to a certain limit, but, it is undeniable that the information present on the website lacks the important references for which people usually look forward to. To elaborate, these days many people around the globe have rights to edit the content whether they have knowledge about the subject or not, and this ultimately leaves them without any reference. To illustrate this, Wikipedia, one of the most cited sites by many individuals has given access to its users to redraft the content which already exists. However, these troubles can be encountered by the officials of the technology department. They can play a crucial role in removing the unnecessary information which is posted on different media, either youtube or google or etc. Moreover, strict penalties should be imposed on the individual who is posting the content which is incorrect. For instance, Google, a reputed organization has always had the security questions asked to the writer before submitting the data. Hence, whenever an individual type in any keyword, the details which pop up are authority sites that have been rechecked before posting it online by the staff. To conclude, although I agree that the internet is reliable to some extent, I believe that the authorized sites have much authenticity of the information.
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