Some people believe that charity organisations should help people wherever they live, others thinks they should attend their countries only. Discuss both and give your opinion.

Charitable institutions are without a doubt a big player in giving help to those in need. There are people who debate that this organizations should extend their aid across the globe while others believe that they must focus mainly with the needs of their own countrymen. However, in my perspective, these charities should not be selective in helping and giving their assistance to whichever part of the world. Those who advocate of sending reliefs to other countries can point to the fact that there are more states that are richer. The most common associations that are capable of giving a helping hand are from western countries, which have a more than adequate money, resources and manpower. For instance, the Medical Mission of Mercy in the USA provides annual free services such as minor surgical procedures and full body check-ups, and donate medicines to indigent Filipinos. Nonetheless, benefiting ones' own community should be addressed first because it is their direct responsibility and not morally, as those argued by the statement above. Although these foundations are from wealthy lands, there are still inadequacies and focused groups that need attending. It is rightfully just to aid them before other people. For example, a generous group from Canada starts by lending a hand with the homeless residents in their vicinity rather than the poor village in Africa. In conclusion, I believe that well-off countries are of great advantage in helping both their own and as well as outside their homeland. Still, helping is not a matter of where and whom to begin with but the fact that one was able to alleviate the suffering of another human being.
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