people believe that success is due to 10 percent of talent and 90 percent hard work. Do you agree or disagree? Give your opinion.

in contemporary society,technology is giving many things to mankind. when it comes to mobile phones ,people are addict with this type of sources. like,phones ,laptops,and computers.that has a negative impact on social heart ,medical and technical. in this essay , I will perspective from both sides positive and negative .however,outweigh the advantages. there are many advantages of using a cell phone . firstly, mobile phones are crucial in today era . it will connect all relatives to all across the world. we can relax from listening the music. natural calamities like drought, earthquakes,and so on. we can call to supervisor for help within minutes. furthermore, the mobile phone is important in leisure time that we can give our time to relax our body likewise,message , game,camera,recording and internet. also, we can do the transition from home to another person in less time. cell phones also provide entertainment show ,tv program , youtube, and etc. on the other hand, mobile phones have negative impacts on growth .according researchers , using phones have an awful impact on growth likewise,cancer risk, mental and ear problems . in addition,children are totally distracted from the classroom and drivers on the road . as well as , disconnect from social growth . when continuing the use of mobile phones also give symptoms like depression, insomnia and anxiety. on balance , mobile phones have a negative impact on social and health .however, we know that how and when we have to use mobile phones that we cant face such a problem. definitely outweigh the advantages
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