Nowadays we are producing more and more rubbish. Why do you think its happening? What can government do to help reduce the amount of rubbish produced?

Human being is responsible for the exorbitant comsumption of items.
, these days amount of household
is escalating immensely. In my opinion, the root causes behind it namely, use of overpackaging products and trend of using any items once only, along with that the essay will discuss some possible measures which the state needs to put in practice.
To begin
with, people are using items which contained large packing.
, their mentality of using any product once a while, contributing the production of more and more
. Because it is seen that most of the products in the supermarket are well packed because these are imported by the different regions and in order to maintain the quality, well packing is required.
, people never take an opportunity to reuse the particular product twice. The relying on supermarkets poly bags for shopping rather than carrying one's own eco-bag is a tangible example.
For instance
, these days fruit and vegetables are packed well which was not the case previously. Overall, the people's preferences to buy packed foodstuffs
as can food, convenience meals and to prefer one time items ultimately contributing towards the production of more rubbish. The implementation of 3R's policy and to organize some educational campagian by the governmnet, both are critical to mitigating the huge consumption of
. The 3R policy is meant to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle the waste products and the approach will be effective in terms of awareness.
, to provide knowledge about to produce the less waste will be sustainable in a long run as people will enable to understand the harmful consequences which leads towards the far worse situations like environment degradation, reduction in the land for landfills.
For example
, in Japan, the authotities introduced the several policies to reduce the household
and encourage the people to follow them.
, these preventive measures could be worthwhile to reduce the wastage. To conclude, since the
few years, people are consuming more waste than ever.
essay discussed the factors which are responsible including the slection of highly decorated products and to adopt the use and throw idea. According to essay, the solutions of the problem are twofold: to make the policy and to educate the residents.
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