Improvements in health, education and trend are essential for the development of poorer nations. However, the governments of richer nations should take more responsibilities for helping the poorer nations in such areas. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

The basic needs of general people are the most required areas for attention by the government of any
these needs are not much fulfilled by poor countries, it should not be the responsibility of other good performing nations to help in all ways for the betterment and I disagree with the opinion. Each of the nations of the world is capable of something, either by means through nature or artificial discoveries. Any
world has some identity for what it is and has the capability of performing better if things are mobilized with good managerial bodies. I strongly believe that the political individual or personnel who are concerned with
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ountry's betterment should look for potential areas of the
which needs to be improved and flourished. Only a single
thing could benefit the
as a whole which might bring up the economy and helps elevate basic needs of health and education.
For example
, in the
like Nepal, government officials stood up in 2019 quoting that Nepal could potentially flourish in the area of tourism, which gave flames to announce
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ear 2020 as "Visit Nepal 2020" to attract tourists and to welcome them devoting the whole year.
announcement has great potential in which people joins the campaign and the whole
could benefit from it. Good performing countries are somehow better in doing things that bad performing ones lack . In the case of a small
like Nepal, many items
as coffee beans, tea leaves, cloves etc are exported to performing countries in which they make it better with enhanced refinements. These items are exported back to Nepal and people here accept those materials being imported and makes them more valuable
they're the ones which were
harvested in their own
. The point is that the better-performing
has the potential to enhance things which the
like Nepal lacks. So, it is to be taken as a serious topic and mobilization of resources should be made to get maximum out of the
's resources which
elevates the
's economy and increases development process in the areas of proper health systems, education and everything goes with the trend. In the nutshell, it is not the good performing countries should help the fewer ones but the least performing ones should know their potential and devote on to making change for the better attainment of problems they're facing.
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