Companies should provide sports and social facilities for local communities. To what extent do you agree?

After the globalization,various corporations around the world have done wonders in the market and they are able to make huge profits. Some experts argue that these companies should take the responsibility for physical and social upliftment of the society. I partially agree with
statement and I will be providing my viewpoint in the upcoming paragraphs.
of all, these companies are completely dependent on their customers and their existence have
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irect relation with the demand for their products. It has been observed that the local companies that invest their gains in the general society have a better reputation among the masses,
, their goodwill keep on escalating too.
For example
, Multinational corporations which are facilitating sports events or competitions have performed astonishingly good and their footprint is
getting bigger.
, building social amenities for the communities like hospitals
endorse physical wellness in the long run that automatically causes the general public to have more disposable income with them and they will be able to buy more.
, there is another side of the coin too. Firms can provide these services up to a particular limit.
In other words
, if a firm is not able to cover its expenses
it will be a foolish thing to expect something in return from it.
, it is the government duty to take care of the grievances of the people because they pay their taxes to the state.
, governments should provide subsidy to the companies, if they are doing something voluntarily. In the nutshell, I would like to emphasize on the mixed role of the state and corporations for the wellness and prosperity of the general public.
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