Sports events such as Formula One and other car racing events should be banned because they are unnecessary waste of money and create more pollution. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Sporting events are incredibly popular throughout the world. Many are fanatic about these and literally wait to attend. At the same time, it is known to waste a lot of money and create enormous pollution than we already have. Although many argue that these events should be banned, I do not agree to prohibit them, but the authorities behind them should take additional responsibility to mitigate the impact caused. This essay will discuss why it is worth to have these sports ceremonies. To begin with, people travel from different countries to participate as well as to visit. Gathering to a venue from various nations on a sporting occasion is exuberating among the crowd. Because such occasions are platforms to mingle with various cultures, this has a lasting impact on people that is socially and culturally beneficial. Moreover, travelling on this occasion would increase the nation's economy. These temporary programs would offer a local business opportunity. For instance, American Economic Times magazine published the local employment growth rate during this period, and the numbers were spiking up over regular time; thus, though it seems to be a lot of wastage and highly expensive, the transactions in-turn aid in the rise of the country's economy. On the other hand, there is a significant factor to consider, i.e., the pollution caused by Formula One races can have a debilitating effect on the environment. The respective authorities have to own accountability for the benefit of all. Also, the sponsored vehicles should be as environmentally friendly as possible. Some automobile industries already started their research and development towards it, which is a positive note. For example, Mahindra motor vehicle company has demonstrated the less pollution racing cars as part of their phase 1 demo. They said further improvisations are in progress. To summarize, I disagree with prohibiting sporting events because of the social, cultural, and economic benefits. However, the government and the concerning officers should be more cautious to ensure the necessary safety.
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