Young people say that travelling to different countries benefits them and the society. Do you agree or disagree. Give your opinion

In this modern era, globetrotting among young generations become more popular from time to time. It is undebateable that this trend of travelling in this global village has positive influence on both societies as well as youth population. I strongly concur with this ideology and also hashout my viewpoint in the following paragraphs. To commence with, there are many a reason of tourism that provide benefits among youth. Firstly, there are numerous educational and job opportunites to the students in the various parts of the world. This development is helpful for their career growth or even they can pursue their avocations. To elucidate, inspite of choosing professional jobs such as physician, engineer or lawyer ,they can doctorate in skilled trades such as chefs, photographers, electrician with their best interest . Moreover, in my viewpoint, while travelling in foreign countries, adults come across wide variety of cultural exchange that also broaden their horizons and develop openmindedness that is also a great achievement. Further reinforcing my viewpoint, voyage has greater influence among societies all over the world. Initially, tourism industry provides wages to hundreds of thousands of people ergo to rapidly rise in global journey by the hoards of people. For instance, 15% of population in developing nation earn their money from the tourism industry. Furthermore, foreign tourists contribute to the economy of host country with the money they spend in certain ways such as by buying some goods and products, transportation and accomodation. From the aforementioned, I draw out the conclusion that eventhough there is no doubt that travelling has multifarious advantages for individuals or societies, however one should not abandoned his/her own heritage. By and large, it is a postive development to be a part of big planet.
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