It is necessary for parents to attend parenting training course to bring their children up. Do you agree or disagree?

As per some, it is imperative for the guardians to take the parenting course in order to nurture their wards. If asked, I strongly agree with such a notion. My view is justified further. There are several arguments to support my stand. Firstly, such courses help the parents to understand their children better. In other words, generally,it is observed that there are conflicts among parents and their wards due to generation gap and their different way of thinking; however, taking up parenting courses can diminish such prejudices to elevate mutual respect. Secondly, new techniques to tackle difficult children might be offered at such courses. This is to say that some kids are naturally intractable and possess virtues that are not easy to deal with. For example, positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement can help parents to condition children to be more disciplined in their formative years. In addition to that, youngsters with special conditions have to be nurtured differently, To elaborate, unlike regular children, those with physical disabilities or who are specially-abled, require special treatment from their guardians, which makes it a necessity for them to attend such dedicated learning course. If such courses were taken up by all parents, the communication gap could be bridged and we would have more psychologically healthy individuals. Nonetheless, Some may counter-argue for a few reasons. Mainly, these are expensive training programs. That is, most parents cannot afford them especially those from society or economically deprived families. Also, it is the responsibility of academic institutions. The school have trained teachers not only to teach academic knowledge, but also to inculcate manners. Therefore, it should not be mandatory for parents to taking parenting training. In conclusion, notwithstanding the arguments that these are expensive courses, my justification convinces that they are crucial in order to abridge generation gap as well as for differently-abled children.
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